Look at it this way. If the workers at a plant vote 75% for a union, should the 25% who voted against the union nevertheless be entitled to the benefits the union negotiates, even though they do not financially support the existence of that union?   A loose simile but it makes the valid points you, as a sailboat owner, should grasp.   A sailboat is not a car.  Fiberglas sailboats last forever.  If you buy a Rhodes, chances are you will only buy one in your life time. Chances are you will sell your Rhodes to move on to a larger or smaller one, or because you have reached the end of your sailing days.  Like beautiful music, the joys of your Rhodes can be passed on through generations. When you do part with any sailboat, even though it has brought so much pleasure through the years and owes you nothing, its resale will be easier and its value so much higher. if it is a boat  still in production.

The Rhodes is starting its seond 50 years, a mileston in the sailing industry. That is important to you as a sailboat owner should you need parts, or need to sell.  Sailboat buyers understand those two plusses in buying a boat still in production:  Availability of parts and higher resale value. Your buyer will pay more for a Rhodes than any competitive boat.   If financing, the buyer's  lender will charge less interest plus more readily accept their application.   Your Rhodes is a boat still in production.  

One of the supports for insuring the Rhodes maintains its amazing longevity is GB's Certificate of Support program; a program that asks that each time title passes, 10% of the selling price goes to the keep the Rhodes Win, Win, Win program going:  A win for the easier to sell sale, a win for the better resale price, a win for the security of the buyer.  And a side effect Win in the continuing fine tuning of this remarkably fine boat, advanced featurest that keep strengthening all the other "Wins".. .  

The program is not mandatory.  Nor is it material whether it is the seller or buyer who goes with the program, although it is a strong selling advantage for the seller  where  competing with  other sellers.        

What does matter is a maintenance of fairness:  Should those electing not to go with the program be equally sharing the benefits of those investing in the program's win, win, win goal.  Accordingly GB has adopted a policy of considering boats withdrawn from the C of S program as no longer existing, as far as GB's obligations may extend..  An attorney Rhodes owner puts it best, “The Certificate of Support program is not rocket science.  If you buy a boat from or through GB, you get plenty of support, if you sell your boat privately (not to or through General Boats) the buyer is owed nothing from GB, unless he, she or you pay the 10% of the sale price certificate of support cost.  No problem, no sweat, very fair, OK?”  

If you own a Rhodes and are considering selling it, consider pricing it to include the 10% cost of your transferring the value added Certificate of Support along with your title.  A same year Rhodes may be on the market, but yours comes with a Certificate of Support - a powerful competitive sales advantage deal closer. 

If you are considering buying a used Rhodes from a private owner, consider the multi long term advantages of buying from an owner who can provide you with a Certificate of Support for that particular boat. If you want to purchase a Rhodes where the owner has elected not to include the sale of that boat in this program, you can still submit the 10% of purchase price amount to GB on your own.  The C of S gives you 24/7 access to the plant.  None Certificate of Support calls must be directed back to the seller of that particular boat; otherwise General Boats' free support program time is unfairly diverted from the Rhodes' community of company supporters.  

To sum up the Win, Win, Wins of going Certificate of Support:   One of the reasons Rhodes 22 Sailboats maintain their high resale value is that General Boats is one of the few sailboat companies to have successfully weathered all the economic storms with continuing, uninterrupted production since the start of the popular small sailboat revolution in the US in 1959. The prime reason lending institutions offer more attractive rates to used Rhodes buyers is credited to the fact that the Rhodes is still being manufactured.  Financing the purchase of used boats, now out of production and manufactured by builders now out of business, as well as financing used boats, intentionally obsolete by manufacturers who bring out a different model to force-feed dealership's inventories, is more difficult and costly.

The reason buyers go to such extremes in seeking out a Rhodes to buy and the reason Rhodes‘ owners find it so easy to sell their Rhodes, is due to the extensive educational efforts General Boats employs in showing and explaining all the unique advantages of owning and sailing a Rhodes:  Boat Shows, free demonstration test sails, personal e-mailings, the maintaining of multiple web sites, supporting the publishing of endless magazine articles and sailing book reviews, excellence in after purchase support.  (In an internet survey Rhodes factory support was rated #1, with a Beneteau 39 coming in second.)  General Boats devotes support time at no charge to Rhodies committed to helping keep the Rhodes an ongoing, living sailboat legend.  

“Stan sold us on the Rhodes 22 at a boat show in Michigan.  We stumbled across an 86 for sale shortly thereafter and have been enjoying it ever since.”  The only thing wrong with this happy picture is that, having poured all the time and money into making this supply and demand sale happen, General Boats does not end up with a single cent reimbursement of its very large selling investment - a formula for a shorter ongoing company life.  The Certificate of Support is part of the essential counter revolution to insure that the success of the Rhodes is also not the cause of its demise.  Only mediocracy wins when success kills excellence.  To insure undiluted resources for serving those supporting keeping the Rhodes a living sailboat, those private party sales wanting to remain outside the C of S community, who then turn to GB for help, are directed back to the party who sold them their boat.   

Purchasing your boat with a Certificate if Support provides you with factory support during the entire time period of your ownership.  You will be able to call a GB cell number anytime when time is of the essence.  You will be able to e-mail questions and get prompt problem solving replies.  And you will have access for ordering Rhodes’ parts at favorable quotes as well as obtaining parts that are not available from any other source.  And, when it is time to sell your boat, GB’s help can be invaluable.

Many items for your Rhodes can be purchased from many big box marine stores at competitive discounting. However certain key parts of the Rhodes are custom built by General Boats specifically to suit the Rhodes unique features and they are not available from other sources.  These boat elements can be purchased from General Boats where Rhodies who have elected to support the Certificate of Support program are entitled to first availability and substantially lower pricing:  The Rhodes pop top assembly, Molded Hatches, IMF (proprietary inner mast furling components), centerboard components, rudder components, many many other proprietary Rhodes specialty parts that keep you sailing after an insured accident or storm damage So we strongly suggest taking the long view, the broad view, and going with and sailing with the "Here's to 50 years more" Rhodes support community.  Of course if you purchased your new or used Rhodes from the factory, you are a community member by default.                                               

In addition to being able to see so many Rhodes in a single location without having to go to all points of the country to look at single choices, purchasing your used Rhodes from the GB Used Boat Corral has the exclusive feature of being able to purchase a boat with the unheard of right to opt for a NEW or updated RECYCLED version with 100% of the purchase price of the original boat applied to the purchase price of the newer model. This amazing program effectively allows sailing a Rhodes for up to two years with no depreciation cost penalty should you and your family decide that you then would like to move up to a New or Recycled "new boat guarantee" Rhodes having the color scheme and features you now want in your next Rhodes. Also, Boats purchased from the Corral Automatically come with the Certificate of Support 

in this sea of masts
the Rhodes is the only 22
with IMF (Innermasst Furling)
for the easiest, safest, fastest
sail handling possible.
IMF replacement is only
available from General Boats
and only available through GB's

Certificate of Support program

the Rhodes Certificate of Support: a Win, Win, Win  

Rhodes community program

 This picture is worth a thousand words in evaluating

                 the Certificate of Support program. 

   Lots of boat owners collected lots of money from lots of insurance companies in the afterwake of

   storm  Sandy's wind and rain drowning of New Jersey's  barrier islands.  There are a number of

   Rhodies sailing Barnegate Bay, but for some reason Rhodes sailboats were treated as Neptune's

   chosen  boats.  See the story of the Flying Dutchman below.  The Certificate of Support program

   goes beyond insurance, to a faster return to getting out there, tiller in hand, and sailing again. 

City eating storm Sandy, partnering with impossible odds. joined to support our boast that the Rhodes is one smart boat.  This Rhodes, seeing the mess its marina inhabitants were heading, took off on its own the instant arguing storm wind and water popped it off it's land bound boat stands   Skipperless, it set sail on a less used course 'til finding what it wanted in the small protected yard of a still standing house.  .

As the sea returned to its normal business the Rhodes settled on its keel without a degree of list. without a list of scars.  Credit what or who you may, we are sticking to our new slogan:   

     "The Rhodes is one smart built Boat".