A thousand miles from home this Rhodes discovers the undiscovered beautifully pristine

waters of Mexico.,  with its. . . . . . . . . . . . . . exclusive for the Rhodes, nitch for the night.


from a dockside admirer:  “This has to be a Rhodes.  Not many sailboats that size can set up so spacious a room in the cockpit.  Awesome.”

from the owner:  “I am enjoying learning more about my recycled Rhodes 22 this first summer of sailing.  Ownership ensures the table with the best sunset view requires no reservations.  Sailing on Lake Hartwell in summer for me means going up the night before, sleeping on board and then catching the morning winds.”  

chiming in owners

“I don’t have a red table cloth but do have a red dinner sky.”

A new owner to an old time Rhodie:  ....I was between a close haul and broad reach running over 5 kts. and pushing the gps beyond 6 as I raced down the following sea.  My sail back required tacking several times on as close haul as I could get.  At this point the wind was kicking up close to 20.  This and an outgoing tide made for some pretty exciting boat handling ...”  The experienced owner :  

“What you were lacking was rail meat and the other part of the answer is you had too much sail out for the conditions.  But that’s OK, the more you sail and try different approaches, the better off you will be.  Don’t be afraid to push her to limits.  Stan has built an exceptional boat that is both a pleasure to sail and also very forgiving to those that sail on the edge.  Your speeds, along with the conditions, warrants that I officially place you in the “Extreme” Rhodes 22 hall of fame.  This is a very elite group of sailors and drunks”.

​​​Chatter  Two 

Here a Rhodes owner takes you exploring

the San Juan Islands, in a manner that has you 

one  of the crew.

We will post others as we find time.  Meantime,

if up to it, more owner chatting below this

amazingly documented adventure.    

​"We are party animals, 6 for cockpt dining leaves room for two more to drop by."

editor's note:  I see another Rhodes docked to their port.  The Rhodies community rules include borrowing each others cockpit if you have invited too many to dinner..



If you are up to a little more eavesdropping, here is

                    some more pretty good stuff,  particularly the very last one.

"Last summer we visited a friend who introduced us to sailing on his Catalina 27.  it was exhilarating.   But, from the start, I noticed how cramped the cockpit was with only 4 adults and one Golden Retriever.  Trying to move to the foredeck under way was difficult, and once there, afforded very little room.  So when I started looking at boats, room in the cockpit was a big concern.   Yours, of course, wins hands down in that department.   This has also given me time to do more research and comparisons with other boats.  Time and time again I keep coming back to the Rhodes.

I ran across a link to a website:  http://tomdove.com/sailcalc.html  in which you can compare any boat to any other boat in a whole host of categories.  I have to admit to spending hours on there comparing boats in the size range I'm looking for.  In case you''ve never been to the website you'll be happy to know The Rhodes 22 stands out against all comers except in hull speed. But the differences is usually only about 1-2 knots. Those that are faster always compromise in other categories that are important in a cruiser.  The items on the website that intrigued me most were Motion Comfort and Capsize Ratio.  The Rhodes is a huge standout in those categories.  Why is this important to me?  I'm an adventure guy and enjoy pushing limits.  As such, sailing into the Great Lakes or the Bahamas is on my radar screen.   OK, I'll let you get back to your day."

(Mike, you made my day.)

You are in for a treat.  Two time used Rhodes owner Chris Geankoplis, family and friends make a voyage you may one day follow.   For now just enjoy joining the crew by clicking away.

Week 1


Week 2 & 3


Week 4 pt 1


Week 4 pt 2


Week 5 pt 1


Week 5 pt 2


Week 5 pt 3


BOTTOM LINE;     The Rhodes does what the big boats do    And goes where they can not                              

Rhodies casually cruise to places I haven't thought of trying since I was eighty.  I know of 5 who sailed to Bimini; 2 single handed.  I never heard from them again.  Probably mad at me.  In all its years the Rhodes has never lost a soul in its care.
When you do get to Bimini, seek the shelter that a lovely lagoon grants, apparently for the Rhodes as the boat that can make it there AND make it through its very small qualifying entrance for an exclusive, calm, quiet, safe anchorage.