Used Rhodes 22 sailboats

Roads 27 ?.

The  buyer of a new Rhodes said he does not want the fully enclosed head or the semi enclosed.  He wanted something in between.

WE cut back the galley end bulkhead and substituted a gleaming stainless steel curtain rod in place of the three panel head door and he loves it.  What do you think, should we be offering three head floor plan variations instead of just two ?.

"Hi all: ​

Installed new traveler yesterday. It is an

incredibly slick piece  of work.  Slide the car to where you want it using the infinite long line and it stays there until you move it again.  No muss, no fuss." 


Australia anyone?  Vicki and Neil are enjoying their new Rhodes down under.   The seasons are reversed but it also looks like they have their bimini 180 reversed. 

Thanks for your hospitality, tour of the factory and demonstration of your marvelous boat."

"What a wonderful time we had this past weekend - we made Edenton in just 4 1/2 hours, 

good blow, choppy waves, boat handled flawlessly, even with an accidental jibe.  We spent the night at the free docks, walked to Waterman's Grill, then back to the boat for a good night's sleep;  the Pop Top was up and the hatches open for star gazing.  The next morning our dock neighbors invited us on board for coffee.  Heading back it was a good breeze moving us at a steadey 6mph.

At the GB dock we set up the table in the cockpit and celebrated  with food and drink, a most perfect 12th anniversary weekend for us. 

If the Rhodes is one of your contenders 

then renting one for a day or two is not a bad idea; it is what this shopping couple did.

EDENTON Harbor is a good destination.  The first two nights are free.  The town dockage is well protected, facilities are fine,  great restaurants are a few steps away.

 tid bit:

  an IMF main lets you use the topping lift

  to raise the boom at the end of the day -

  prevents birds from roosting and doing

  their thing all over your cockpit. 

"I like the all white look of the sail."

"It will make it easier to tack for a rookie sailor like me."

"When fully unfurled the clew rides up high enough that you get a much better view forward.  The window is hardly necessary."

A 175% furling genoa is standard on all Rhodes so that you can have a storm jib or a working jib or a genoa with a simple line adjustment.  With so many Rhodies moving beyond fair weather sailing, an interest in an additional, optional 130% genoa has been growing:  "Mac invited me to try out his new 130 genoa he just got from GB.   I've always been an advocate of the 175 even though it's rare that the monster is completely unfurled.  I may have to rethink that.  If a smaller sail is better for 80% of your needs then it probably makes sense."

We are sometimes asked about a Wheel . . . . in a 22 ?

A WHEEL ON A 22 ?  if you insist, but

Takes up cockpit space,


Not as responsive as a tiller.

Takes up eating space

Takes up sleeping space 


our suggestion: get your high from hiking out

 (using the heel grooves in the cockpit seats)

A gentleman walked into the plant ready to buy -

IF he could have an oven.  His wife's instructions: "no oven, no boat".   What is a boat builder to do?  He was a big Texan with the money so he left with the only Rhodes galley of its kind:  Double top burners, swinging oven, with a LP cockpit storage setup.


keeping your Rhodes on a lift is great. no bottom painting.  just make sure the installer knows it is for a sailboat and sailboats have rocker bottoms.  have it designed like the trailer:  Flexible bunks. 

Probably a first and last.

We are probably the last company standing to have been at the very first Annapolis show.   The show has always had very strict security . Every item, every person, was always labeled and punched, grounds cleared closing time. But we had been there so long we decided to ask.   Rhodies from all over the country were coming to meet at the show. Could we stay after hours and have a party.  We were not prepared for the show's "Yes" so had to have a catered affair. There were speeches and laughter and stories and good food, and only one damper: The prize winner turned out not to be a Rhodes owner and never did buy one.   

We have always been told, "Oh, Lake Michigan, a rough place to sail".

We have demonstrated out of Racine, downtown Chicago, Michigan City and many other Lake Michigan ports and have found it a delightful sailing water - if anything, leaving us becalmed too often.     With the Chicago Sears Tower in the background, these two groups of Michigan Rhodies are sailing the Lake on different boats in different years but with the same demeaner that lets you know they are completely at ease, to the extent of both groups comfortably crewing from the leward side, perfectly at home in terrible Lake Michigan. . . . .or maybe it is just a Rhodes that sees it this way.

                                                                                                                                                    While we have this view, for those who have not seen the not

                                                                                                                                                    so new, new companionway treatment, the piano hinge has                                                                                                                                                           given way to sturdy new hinging where lock nuts make it impossible to remove the hinges from the outside and strain is much better re-distributed to the beautiful black or white acrylic door panels.

This sleek companion way cannot be opened until the sliding hatch is slid open.   And that cannot happen untll that small lock you can see on the aft, starboard side of the sliding hatch, is unlocked.   The hinged seam between the upper and lower door panels is optimally angled for weather protection and the top panel still moves horizontal to form the chart table or cockpit serving bar or addtional galley counter work area .   Atop the top  door panel a white platform hosts the support leg plus the convenient door handle; all together an at home in any weather work of art.   And what is more, this magnificent door has a new comfortable hidden home when you are sailing.  

If you have not seen a new Rhodes in the past few years you may not be aware the non-skid deck treatment has changed, for better non-skidding and more color interest from a two tone deck taming of its bright white.  It is also much easier to repair if you change you mind about where you located that last piece of foredeck hardware. 

And This ?  

       You may be looking at the world's first all fiberglass sailboat tiller.  Not sure about that.  But am sure that we have come up with the world's only 22 foot sailboat fiberglass tiller. . .since no other builder of 22 foot size sailboats would make such an expensive 22 foot sailboat part.  But, hanging the cost, it is beautiful and hull color coordinated.  Feels luxurious.  Rot proof, its life expectancy is unknown, probably 50 years plus the boat's own life expectancy to the third power.  At the moment we are not sure what to do with it.  We had been making money selling biannual wooden replacements.  With improvements like this glass tiller Rhodes sailboats will never wear out.

What is this:    The Rhodes has a unique traveler system:  It keeps the main sheet out of the passengers' hair - and feet, on all points of sail.   It does not block the cabin entrance or is it a cockpit floor stumbling block.  You can preset it  and sail very nicely without ever touching it or you can adjust it over a wide range for best sailing shape and performance.  And, most fun of all, jibing is no longer a "no, no" but instead becomes another great sailing tool.  Norma;ly the shock of a jibe gets transmitted directly to the hull with such force as to actually be known to have capsized boats or, at best, toss the low side crew into the arms of the high siders.   Normal is not normal with the Rhodes' traveler system because it does not mount directly to the hull.  Instead it rides the double back stays that act as shock absorbers.   Jibe on purpose for the fun of it - or to avoid that surfacing sub when there are no other alternates.   Learn to make jibing one of your standards.  You'll like it. 

So, having such a neat traveler, we naturally decided to make it better.  It is now a newer, stepped up design.  A magic traveler car that slides on the 5 foot travel bar, sprouts an endless line.  And suddenly there is no need for rope clutches on either end of the bar.  All the skipper has to do is push or pull the endless line to set the car and the magic car stays at that position like magic for the best sailing performance.   This nonlocking control system works from the skipper's port or starboard sailing seat;  simpler use for smarter sailing.   Lazy sailors like me, who never would get around to ever touching traveler controls, are now sailing on all cylinders, enjoying it more, and looking good - like our first taker's quote (to your right) tells us . . . . . . . . . . 

 (left)  Dean is making Rhodes history.   His third Rhodes has just been delivered.  He had sent this picture for recycling guidance.  He is keeping each Rhodes at a different location so there is a Rhodes ready to sail . . . no matter where he goes.  Up to now our limit has been two.

this is a lose, flexible, changing page for anything you or we may want to trumpet, that has anything to do with Rhodes sailing.

   OK, It's only the prototype

    but you get the idea of it's

     mammoth size and high

     overhead - from its low 

     overhead manufacturer. 


        Now, anytime you are ready, and have the

       money, you can add solid or transparent or

       screen panels to turn your sun cover into a

       second cabin with a 7'-4" Queens size bunk.




   out item 16 on the Super Options pricing

    click on:  

​             and go to "Pricing" menu page.

"We have enjoyed being a member of this forum for the last few years.

When we decided to sell as part of our retirement downsizing, we posted here on The List and other places.  We ended up selling to a couple who had been looking at the Rhodes for 5 years, at boat shows and at the plant.  It is that kind of available support that makes us pleased with all the Certificate of Support program makes possible for Rhodes owners and buyers.   The buyers knew what they were looking for and understood its value.  They said that the factory support they were getting was an important factor in their buying decision making."  


getting back to the Rhodes communitys' longevity

value of the Certificates of support, here a Rhodes

seller e-mails the Rhodes-List re this program: