Used boats/three flavors/the GB Corral:

Used:  What you see, you get.  Some tinker sailors love this.

Used Certified:  We see all is working before you set sail or trail. 

Used "Recycled".  "Used" is a misnomer; Recycled Rhodes not only earn their new boat guarantee, their beauty deserve their new boat guarantee. 

Pricing does not include motors or trailers - for reasons you will give thanks. 

What you should know about Broker Boats

They are often good values - they can come with lots of stuff, including a trailer and motor or two.  The goodies are built into the price and go with the boat and, like the boat, are sold as is, where is;  motivated sellers makes them good buys.  But, do't be sorry later; be a Rhodes community supporter from the start.  Get your boat with the Certificate of Support.   Broker Boats  bought at the plant have the advantage of automatically coming with their C of S.   And also of having any wanted work done before you drive off.   scroll down to PART TWO

It is difficult to keep this page uptodated:

boats often come and go before the ink dries.

broker boat owners sell or change their mind - and are slow spreading the news.

we may be overwhelmed trying to make a boat show or a buyer's time of the essence.

So, don't let the content of this page discourage you,

ask if you do not see what you had in mind. 

"Rhodes Corral - way to go.  Cost's a bit more but a certified boat with the certificate of support, priceless."

 PART TWO:   In Your State

PART ONE:   At The GB Corral  



Part Two:  ​ IN  YOUR  STATE .

not shown, just in, a used Certified 87, $5,995

A Used Certified 84  $6,995 (below)

Plant's demo boat, on way to recycling  . . . .$19,995    SOLD

1983 (under 5K,  less sails)

Note:  this boat is rigged for 

racing - numerous first places. 

boom vang and racing traveler.

other racing features

spartan camper interior

San Juan 21, gal. trailer $2,995,  100% back as did prior owner for later Rhodes. 

Only one RECYCLING candidate in plant as of  8/4/15

    20 to $25K range 

Chose your Colors and Specifications now, before the process starts.

a 1970s project boat for $1,995







Rhodes with

5 to 25K pricing

 year, conditions and specifications

 from seller:

      scroll down to 

MT, 2007 Loaded  (seller can deliver)                                    

Low end

1979 used




MD   Loaded Rhodes in MD.  See picture by going to the "Recycled Rhodes" link page on this web site and see boat with blue bimini.    Contact

GA     88 with lowest price wheel steering 

CT   recycled 86, loaded A. Collins    SOLD

VA    Eileen Spoon       eileen.e.spoon    SOLD

VT     '84  James Cross  low end

OH    '86 Floyd Schanbacher

FL      '86  B. Kitzmiller  $8K  a*value

GA     '87  Will Hutson

​NJ      $18K  Sal D'Andrea  call  201 755 6301

​NJ      92 recycled 03 Red $12K      SOLD


MD    84 recycled    SOLD

​MA     83  3K Low End bargain   SOLD

OH     Recycled 2008  $ 25,000   Mike Cheung, 330-650-2776,

 ;   see photos below  SOLD


OH     86  PAT FLASH

Some folks were raised buying used cars from private sellers via classified ads rather than from a dealers lot, I was one of them.   I am not sure the used market is still the same.  I bought my wife a stunning used Lincoln from a dealer at below classified pricing and it turned out to be the best used car purchase we have yet made in our 65 years.  Some folks find it too difficult to manage long distances searching so a car or boat from a close by town can be worth the slightly extra cost or gamble.   And some used boat buyers make out like bandits with honed  negotiating skills, or finding a seller who must sell now.    All such private sales have one thing in common - lots of extra stuff gets thrown in.  Private party sales can be the way to go.

Here are Rhodes owners ready to sell; Canada to Florida, coast to coast.  Let the seller know that the plant sent you and that you want to buy a boat with the GB Certificate of Support.  The Certificate of Support cost to a seller, who would otherwise be paying some other form of selling service cost, is absolutely nothing because it is included Free in The GB standard broker fee.   ​IF YOU BUY A RHODES WITHOUT A CERTIFICATE OF SUPPORT NUMBER,   PLEASE  DO  NOT  CONTACT  THE   PLANT.    NONE C of S  BUYERS' REQUESTS FOR  INFORMATION OR FOR PARTS,  ARE DIRECTED BACK TO THE SELLER THAT PAYMENT WAS MADE TO. 

     *For a review of the C of S program go to navigation bar page "Certificate"*

One of these Rhodes is for sale.  near you ?.