We made a preliminary cut alongside the secondary inlet for a potential driveway directly off Hickory to a turnaround circle near the waterfront corner so that a car can be driven to the waterside of the property plus provide a great deal of additional off street parking. 

The creek heads off to a closed ending insuring eternal untroubled waters.  It is clean, warm and a delight to swim in along with fish, turtles and seasonal Canadian Geese and occasional Blue Herons.

This is probably a good time to remind the reader that Albermarle Sound has the unique water characteristic of no tide yet providing an open waterway to the world.    We do not know of any other sailing waters that have this amazing feature. 

The over 1/4 acre site is a bit of a corner waterfront with an inlet off the creek that could have a sandy beach at its end and also be used for a second Rhodes and canoes and kayaks.   

119 Hickory is in our country's tiny, rare, charmed weather spot:  No floods, no droughts, no earth quakes, no forest fires, hardly ever high winds from a hurricane's tail end.  A Rhodes sits at the float year round, unruffled..


            And, for sailors who want to sail forever there is an "Your Organic Grocer" branch to sail to. 

         (The business plan for that venture is:    http://www.usedrhodes.com/the-ofm-business-plan.html)



As we leave the house for views of the creek, the serious reader can take a closer look at

the serious reading area and the cook, another peak at the highly efficient galley Kitchen.

In the opposite direction the creek heads off to the Yeopim River and Albemarle Sound.   It is fun sailing in the creek and coming about for an unassisted perfect single handed docking..