RHODES:   The champion of single handed sailing.   Or a family of 12:  

Just drag a long stout line off the transom and let them all hang on.  I know from experience, they will love the ride.

Or with 7 in the cockpit (3 on each cockpit seat, 1 in one of the swivel seats) , 2 on the foredeck's natural chaise lounge seating and 3 standing or sitting in the cabin, a family of 12 can enjoy a fun ride.  And we haven't even mentioned the 2 trouble makers in the Lazaret Brig.  So  OK, a family of 14.

a scattered sampling

of what's in our 2 sites.

We do not favor testimonials; buyers telling manufacturers how pleased they are.   Peeking over the shoulder of a Rhodes owner chatting with another  Rhodes owner, or a  Rhodes  wannabe,  is really  much  more rewarding  for  shoppers.    If  any  owner has  anything negative to say,  we take their Rhodes  away from them.   With this  bit  of  transparency,  here,  from the  Rhodes  cheering squad, are the  not-to-GB  correspondence  you will get to read in  both our web sites.   All good.  All  basically  saying  what  we  say:  The Rhodes is one amazing sailboat.    Some  going us  one better, "The Rhodes is the best of the trailer sailboats".


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  construction to ease of Rhodes sailing and trailing.   Here and there you will eaves drop on Rhodes owners; your future

  friends.  Their chatter amongst themselves can prove immensally valuable in your decision making.


  all about used versions of General Boats'

        trailing/cruising masterpiece

ALL RECYCLED RHODES COME WITH THE NEW TRAVELER BAR INVENTION:  Endless loop line now makes for  easy traveler control, no matter Skippers seating,    And  Without  Any  Cleating !       Better Sail Shape, Better Pointing,    Better Performance..   (So simple.  Can't believe it took so long to get around to this one.)

Better late than not now having GB's new traveler system; so unique this Rhodes chatter from the Rhodes chatter room is encouraging us back to the "Next" desk:

"The New Traveler is super"

"The new traveler joy increases.  I sailed with my buddy today in trying wind conditions.  He is not a Rhodie, not his fault.  But as a seasoned sailor he was so impressed with every aspect of this new traveler - he was unable to contain his amazement."

"Received my new traveler.  Wow, what a device."

"GB has nailed it again.  The new traveler has one continuous line you simply push or pull. Improved sail shape and performance.  The new traveler with the  new 130 genoa, I am one happy sailor."

Own a Rhodes and find performance outstanding with your original traveler?  No need to rush out and upgrade, unless you are looking for even more ease of handling and even better sailing perfomance. 

An owner discovering he

can sail his new Rhodes from anywhere in its huge cockpit.  

We caught his comments

to his new Rhodes friends:  

"Hoping to sail thorough

Thanksgiving . . . dread going through 4 months without sailing this boat.  

Absolutely love it." 

(all a bit distorted due to his lens/camera mounting) 

We have an airport .  Drop in anytime: Blimp or Plane.  One buyer came

by hellicopter

Re the Rhodes traveler bar invention, not the best of photos but you will note that the bottom, forward red line is not associated with the traveler car, as all other lines are.  Note this is the only line runing from one end of the bar to the other. This is the endless control line.  Simply push it or pull it from Port or Starboard. seating and then let go.  That's it.     .

Returning from a demonstration sail

at the Annapolis Show where you take the tiller and put her through all the gymnastics you like..

   GB's made by hand production line,

                        when the economy is good










From all the ongoing "testimonials" that do not get sent to General Boats, here is the one I stumbled across  that really got me nodding in agreement, because I plead guilty.  "The IMF main would not go in and I started cursing the builder.   Being an engineer, if only by degree, I began examining each element of the system until  I found the culprit in the last place I looked: It was me.  I was standing on the outhaul line."  

My advice:  Take this Rhodies e-mail's advice:

"I have a 25 years old recycled and everything works like new.  To paraphrase Stan, If it is hard to do,
you ar​e doing it wrong".

Capsizing never remotely enters this relaxed skipper's thoughts.   In fact

here he stands nonchalantly midship.

He knows when the flared hull's rub rail hits the water, the boat stops there.  

He knows,  should he want a flatter ride, he can  comfortably  perch his rear on the super comfortable gunnels, feet heels perched in the cockpit seats drain channel and his singular live hiking seat ballast will dramatically reduce heeling.

Towing their tender, not far behind.

"Hi all. Been sailing since mid May in winds from 3 to 18 mph, boat performs flawlessly under all conditions."

"launched,  motored to mooring, raised mast and took first sail of season. furling lines worked perfectly, as did everything else.  my third year and it just keeps getting better"

"I wholeheartedly agree.  Everything about this boat is amazing.  Like the Timex watches of the sea, takes awailing and keeps on sailing."

"The key thing is that my wife really likes eveything about the boat - the looks, that it's spacious and comfortable both in the cockpit and the cabin, the ease of sailing it, the bimini top, etc."




Two other Rhodes fans from the Far West caught boasting to friends with other boats:

 "my new boat just arrived and it sails wonderfully “ 

 “as I start my second season I’m looking forward 
 to learning more about this amazing boat.”

       All Rhodies boast about their cockpit being larger

      than friends with larger boats.    To the right the

      6th crew member (the Admiral) has the camera.