Used Rhodes 22 sailboats

You dream does not have to wait 16 years.  There is a Navy hull recycling and ready for your specifications input to have you sailing on a 2014 date of your choosing.

Used Rhodes Defined:

            "As Is"             what you see is what you get

            "Certified"      everything was working, when it left the Corral. 

            "Broker"         anything from a steal to a lemon 

            "Recycled"     click on: 


A recycled Rhodes buyer’s 16 year old dream turned into a reality with the practicality of The Rhodes Used Boat Corral:  “I fell in love with the Rhodes 22 at the Annapolis Boat Show 16 years ago.  This Friday Elton delivered my new ‘to  me‘ recycled dream boat to SC.  I sailed on my first Rhodes years ago with an owner who had his boat on the market, reluctantly.  He already had a bid on it pending a survey.  If things did not work out I would be the next in line. It was a confirmatory sail for me.   The boat felt as great in the water as it had looked on a trailer at the show.   I was ‘next in line’ on a number of Rhodes over the next few years.  Always the bride’s maid and never the bride brought me to Edenton to see the new Corral.  Stan invited me out for a different kind of confirmatory sail.   I had this personal agist nagging thought that I might be too old for this dance.  I had retired but Stan, only 84 at the time, proved to me by example, that I had at least 20 something more years of sailing ahead....with this 20 something boat I said yes to a recycled category.” 

            Here is how his recycling input turned out:





    'Testing the waters'  buyer


 ​  Used  "As Is"               $ 2,995   to   $ 8,995

   Used  "Certified"        $ 7.995   to  $14,995

   Used  "Broker"        negotiated with seller

 ​  Used  "Recycled"        $14,995  to  $35,995

                  New Rhodes are $50,995

Recycled Rhodes are so beautiful, boat show visitors do not believe the signs.

        even if a stunning green hull is the call  -  (below)

​        even if the recycling candidate is 30 years old.

General Boats may be the only boat company in the world that builds used boats.  That inspiration probably emanated  from our used old World War Two 9 acre industrial complex.     That such a dilapidated facility can turn out a boat that was rated number one of all production boats in an internet survey, is a tribute to a dedication to give the buyer the best 22 foot sailboat his or her money can buy -  and to rebuild it to her or his ideas, equipment and colors  -  

Used Rhodes 22 sailboats.    

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