Used Rhodes 22 sailboats

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pointing out that the Rhode does not advertise.

but if we did, an ad might look like this:

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Make friends with a Rhodes.

a composite response

of cruising Rhodies:  

"getting together for a

yearly adventure  is a blast ."

6 on deck - don't know how many below . . . 

“Our family vacationed at Chautauqua Lake in upstate NY with the used 84 Rhodes we picked out at the plant.  It was a joy being able to have our boat at the rented property’s dock in less than three feet of water and being able to use the centerboard as a brake during our landings.  I am impressed at how well it sails in light winds as well as heavier stuff.  We all enjoyed occasionally changing positions by standing in the cabin under the shelter of the raised pop top.  The family enjoyed the used Rhodes so much that we took advantage of the 100% credit two year program and returned our 84 for a brand New Rhodes. “

"Rhodies Have More Fun.   OK, his bottom painting costs are staggering.  The captain actually paid us to help him tie up for the night."  . . . bedding down at Edenton's down town free marina.

A lake Superior shopper asked Practical Sailor for advise. Practical Sailor, the “Consumers’ Reports” for the sailing industry, takes no ads so pulls no punches and caters to its readers, not advertisers. 


“I’m looking for a trailerable 20 to 26 foot easy to rig, singlehandable, and fast wouldn’t hurt either.”

The editor of Practical Sailor published his reply:  “Of the four, the Rhodes appeals to us the most.”          

We rest our case, buttons on our vest popping, with this unequivical response from the prestigious  Practical Sailor.

One of the beauties in buying from the Corral is that you can have anything done to the boat before sailing or driving away from the plant - even a real marine toilet upgrade: 

“Philip, I’m a strong advocate of the marine head as opposed to the bucket or porta-potty - and I have used them all.  Get an opening hatch over the head so you can pee standing up - one of the most important safety features of this boat - and a feature not available on many boas twice our size. (If you look carefully, across the Hudson River you can see the two World Trade Center Towers   - before. )

“Rich, I came back to sailing after many years and now wanted hassle free sailing.  So I bought a recycled Rhodes directly from Stan with the GB new boat warranty.  Nobody at my marina believes the boat is not new.  I can tell you my only regret is having waited as long as I did to get my Rhodes.”

being spoiled by the Rhodes exclusive cockpit swivel seats.

“Jb,  I first decided that I wanted a trailerable that I could sail around the Patuxent River, or the eastern shores of VA or trail to the Albemarle for weekends or extended stays.  I first honed in on the Potter 19, small, easily trailed - then I got on one at the Annapolis show.  The center board was very much in the way.....then I got on the Rhodes was like night and day (editor’s note:  Not really fair to compare a 19 with a 22, the Potter is a nice boat for the size and money).  The price of the Rhodes was a little much for me and I checked out other boats - Hunter, Catalina, etc., but kept coming back to the Rhodes.  Then, using the logic I was not likely to buy one boat then move up, I decided to go with a used Rhodes, recycled with the new boat guarantee.  I like the idea that the boat is refurbished by the original manufacturer and they stand by the product.  Also I was told by seasoned sailors who do not even own a Rhodes, that they are very sound boats.”

note the snow capped Oregon mountain. . .

“Lee, I sailed my first Rhodes on the Chesapeake for 16 years.  I currently have my second one here in Oregon.      I would without a doubt recommend that you go with a recycled one proposed by Stan.  It isn’t just the new boat warranty, it is what Stan does to and with the boat and its systems. No one does it better.  And the buy back policy is frosting on the cake.

Kathy, I m a woman in my mid fifties who purchased a used Rhodes from Stan 5 years ago.  I sailed that wonderful boat by myself all the time.  It is the perfect boat for starting. I did not know my price range when I started looking and the Rhodes was more than I anticipated, but I had looked for a year.  It had what I wanted for sailing on Kentucky Lake.  In the end the Rhodes was the very best value and I say that even today.”.

But most of all - by smitten owners chatting with smitten Rhodes wanabes.   


Professional advertising relies heavily on testimonials; good things the user tells the payor. 

The good stuff about the Rhodes is told by Rhodes sailors to sailboat dreamers.  Mostly we

are not told.   Leaks from the chat room let you see some of these Rhodes sales in the making. 

corral chatter:

The Rhodes does not advertise.  

Sales materialize from

boat show appearances

and from stumbling across the several GB web sites. . . . . .