Used Rhodes 22 sailboats


Program for Used or
Certified Used category Rhodes
Does not cover trailer purchases 


loan period of 5 years

down payment $1,000

recycled Rhodes eavesdroppings:

           “ finally got my boat in the water - she turned heads  - Marina owner said how beautiful -  an ecstatic driver stopped, “A Rhodes 22?  I’ve heard of these but I never actually seen one.  She’s really beautiful”.   a MacGregor 25 owner  went for a sail with us -  after an hour at the tiller he was totally won over by the handling, pointing and overall performance - and the size and pragmatic layout of the cockpit.”

           “ We took our used Rhodes out for the first adventure   handled like a dream   turns on a dime   a marvelous design  it was very choppy and no spray reached us   I love this boat ! “


monthly payments are just 2% of the purchase price of the boat you choose.   examples:  a five thousand dollar package is $100 a month

a fifteen thousand dollar package is $300 a month . . . .

No credit checks

No income verification

You just have to want to be sailing your own Rhodes now -

and be comfortable that you can make the monthly payments.

be sailing your own USED Rhodes

                 for as little as $100 a month