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Used Rhodes 22 sailboats


To kindred souls you may know, ready for a new venture that will be fun, astronomically rewarding for their pocket and their good health, while simultaneously achieving the heretofore impossible cutting of this country’s health care budget by  billions, if not trillions, we need lots of partnering.

One of the long lists of positives to this niche business, on the verge of exploding to bypass the conventional, is: If you love the street where you live or are anchored to your locality for family, no need to relocate to beautiful Edenton.  You run your part of partnering in this enterprise from where you are;  anywhere.

I do ask that you wade through the next few plan pages, sleep on it, read it again if necessary, because it may be the most unlikely move you or your family ever imagined taking.   I know.  After 90 years of having had a taste of life from most sides  (World War 2, free eduction at Purdue for engineering, NYU for business administration, street wise education as a Madison Avenue Mad Man radio/tv director and copywriter.  A fun stint in show business.  Wildly creative years building the community of Tarrytown Contemporaries: blasting rocks for sewers and roads, designing passive solar houses, trees through cantilevered balconies, advertising and selling them to a new market.  Management consultant for giants from Merck Drugs, American Airlines to Neiman Marcus, for glimpses beyond facades of corporate America.  Proceeding pro Se to successful docketing at the United States Supreme Court - because it was there and not wanting the law semesters they made me take at the NYU Wall Street branch to be a waste.  Founder of General Boats, builder of the Rhodes 22 sailboats; 58 years and foolishly still managing to keep it afloat in a sinking boat economy, just for the love of sailing.  The first American whisked into secured USSR Star City - I told them I had  Alzheimer’s.  That, and their top scientists so motivated to use their space ship fiberglass facility to satisfy their love for sailing, opened the door for me to help them here on earth.  Fearing your already concluding I can’t keep a job, I’ll cut this life experiences list short) this is the most unlikely move I too ever could have dreamed taking; Its change of life make “The best is yet to come” a reality for a tested life.   Surprisingly we were able to secure the  .com domain name:  organicfoodsmarkets.com


Corporate Organizations     (for the moment all corporations are “S” type.)

"Organic Foods Markets" is a Corporation registered in the state of North Carolina. It is the holding company of the individually incorporated community stores in its National Chain.    <www.organicfoodsmarkets.com>  for now, takes you to the start-up web site of the test Edenton store.

"Your Organic Grocer of Edenton" is incorporated in North Carolina.  Each "Your Organic Grocer" store will be incorporated with the name of that town tagged on to the corporate name, for a more home Townish image.


  The Wall Street Journal calls “Organics” one of the fastest growing segments of our economy.  A financial internet article advises that now is the time to buy an organic grocer business. Why this hype?

We are living longer. We are not living longer healthier.  The older set tends to become more health conscious.  The young crowd look at their parents and relatives and see obesity and all sorts of ailments, married to remedial drugs, clearly labeled to count all the ways  these drugs  can  kill you.  Youth is turning to organics. The extreme age groups are our market.   Lost for the moment are the mid age shoppers imbedded with the correlation, “organics, higher prices”; yet to see the actual bottom line: Organics, by far, are the money-saving way to go.  “Partnering” with the thousands of Farmers Markets in the thousands of organically orphaned communities across the USA, is Organic Foods Markets’ entree to the exploding “Is it good form me” food business. Partnering with Farmers Markets bridges the lure of Farmers Markets’ brief nutritional food shopping hours by extending this community's shopping focus to Organic Foods Markets’ daily availability for the kinds of foods they now so want.  Recognizing how this two way street partnering will uniquely contribute to their growth, Edenton’s Farmers Market  has already laid down the welcome mat for  Your  Organic Grocer of Edenton’s test store’s fresh, free roaming, certified Organic eggs.


  Pioneering organic grocery stores found their market in intellectual centers; cities with university cores. Successes ran into catch 22s:  Growth: Larger stores. Higher overhead.  Remedy: Broaden customer base.  Dilute wares. Cater to non-organic as well as organic shoppers. Outcome:  Dumbing down of stores original cutting edge appeal in exchange for also serving conventional shoppers. It worked.  Organic shoppers had no alternate.  Big box stores took notice. Reversing the mix, they buried organic treasures midst miles of conventional foods shelving. Understandable wisdom, not right for the new health educated consumer they do not know. 

     Health oriented shoppers have to live with what is available. When I first came out of the food closet it was a surprise to find so many in our small community already pro organic wannabes, if only it were available.  We had our ailments that doctors solved with. “take two aspirin and call me in the morning”.  With our share of losing friends and family, began a seeping attention to what all the accepted toxins and stripped nutrition, flushing through our bodies, is doing to our bodies. We are ripe for an alternative way to go, like an all organic menu, along with any needed supplements to fill the shortfalls. But where to go?  What store is there to be our store?   The small town local branch of the giant chain store grocer has few organic labels, inconsistently available and not to our standards at that.  We are left with doing big city shopping time. Once there we are left with doing the up and down endless isles looking time. Most foods are conventional so we also must do the label reading time.

Historical Note: In early times, when some of today’s giants were purists, they proudly proclaimed, “No need to read labels, we have done that for you”. Organic Foods Markets need is here for compounded benefits still to emerge. Yet it is a welcome home for your food sourcing if only for its refreshed philosophy: 
               “No need to read labels.  We have done that for you."


    Organic Foods Markets customer base, being at either end of the age scale, tend to live in smaller communities.  The young end, with young family, and the older end, with age related handicaps; the long shopping trip is a burden that makes them settle for conventional local groceries.  

(a personal detour that seems applicable):    

    My father died of Alzheimer’s in his sixties; ironic since his brilliant mind was his biggest claim to fame.  In my forties my interest in “health” began perking and my reading matter took a turn. I had moved from Brooklyn to Long Island and suddenly was hit with an unbearable allergy that made me want to pull out my eyes and rinse them under the faucet.  Three different doctors had 3 different “solutions”.      None of them worked.   It was, go crazy or try my home schooling.  Already crazy, that left the latter.  I turned to a supplement I was in the middle of studying: Vitamin C. Unbelievable. I could not believe the 100% instantaneous results so stopped the self treating. The eye itching returned.  Restarted the treatment and itching stopped. I repeated testing over and over until I believed in it. My brother came to the Island and had the same allergic reaction and the same treatment worked.  I reported my findings to the three doctors and they all had the same response, “The placebo effect”.  I did not get it.  Why had they not ended my torture and put me on a “placebo” from the start. 

    As a nation, changing notions has been hard for us.  Starting slowly, a notion in change, invariable goes gold: Smoking, “food is food”, “higher priced food is more costly”. In the end the errors and realities can’t be ignored. Collectively our life styles change.  Itchy eyes were my starting prompter. I suffered constipation.  Doctors prescribed stool softeners.  Never worked. A “c” and Magnesium brew was so successful I was tempted to frame the results. I was waking with minor headaches.  Brain scans showed nothing, doctors had no suggestion, beyond aspirin.  I think I figured that one out.  Just a little AM body moving (exercise) and no headaches.  One day I felt dizzy and fell for the first time in my life. The dizziness turned chronic.  The local clinic said, blood thinner. I turned that down. The VA, wonderfully equipped, had noted a partially blocked carotid artery 2 years ago. It remained; the % blockage, the same.  But the VA was light on what to do about it.  I upped my niacin.  The dizziness ended.   

My employees are taking note.  Why am I never sick.   Well, hardly ever.  And why are they having so many costly sick days losses, their kids, school missing days, their wives, skin rashes.  They are slowly starting to take some of their pay in the form of items from Your Organic Grocer of Edenton, although the Organic Foods Markets test store still is to officially open. Yesterday few of us related health to food. Today an irreversible number of us are getting it:  The irrefutable Food/Health connection.  

“Fine, I’m on board, academically, but it is just too time and dollar intensive.”  Really?.  The “Business Plan” addresses these two average shoppers’ resistance or hesitancy, head on:

Time Intensive?   Yes, if you have to travel.  Yes, if you have to search when you get there.  Yes, if you have to join the majority conventional foods shoppers in finding an open check-out lane.  Yes, if you have to shop multiple stores to bring home all the good stuff on your single list. 

Located near you, your small town or your small community in a large town, you will find, a neat one stop store having all the good stuff you have asked for, zero floor space waisted on conventional foods, fast checking out with limited dedicated shoppers.    Time intensive  transforms into  time efficient.

Cost Intensive?  Yes, if you mislead yourself by starting at the wrong mark; considerably less costly if you score by checking your pocket, monthly or yearly.   How much income lost from day’s work lost.  How many medical related visits, pharmacy bills, even schooling down time leading to tuition inefficiency, how much sharp, health brain power lost that could have moved you up the earnings ladder faster, etc.; to say nothing of the priceless health intangibles:  Feeling great while enjoying all the side effect betterments of a longer, happier, more productive life..         

Is It Worth It ?  The thousands of just-around-the-corner, small, Organic Foods Markets shops, in thousands of 5,000 to 25,000 sized communities, offering alternate grades of fuels your brain, heart and body were made for, opposed to the toxins your machine now sputters along with, make this a no-brainer question for citizens, a rewarding investment for partnering  and an absolutely giant step forward for mankind's health care budget battling.


    The overall grandiose plan is for 1,000 (or more) small, low overhead 100% organic products groceries throughout the country; to nurture each store until each shows a modest profit; multiply that by 1,000 and, with that multiplied by 5, we reach a figure to warrant going public or selling to a large company seeing this as a way to get to markets they have missed.

Sub Plots of the Plan:

    Low Overhead:  Stores need not be large simply because there is no store space taken up with the conventional foods that the long distance, partially “organic” stores, economically must carry.  Opening the first store has been intensive on all fronts but with each store being a duplication, additional branches are primarily a financial challenge.


    Buyers of Organic Foods are also Hungry for Health Information:  All carts have timely, free, take-home pages, supplementing shoppers wide ranging wanting-to-know nutrition facts, from the fast-meals-anywhere “Soup Kitchen” story to an educated little egg’s Choline and Omega-3 gifts; all manner of take home pages for light touch introductions to the good foods for the good life.   Solid Health Guidance that also sells.

    Vertical Operational Components:   A number of stores will make up each single designated Local market. With the growing appreciation of “made right here”, these stores will be within a limited sized area allowing them to function as one entity in a practical, economically sound manner. This to retain the fresh, local marketing advantage, while the one or two vertical products of one store, are equally available to each of the other stores in that particular local market territory.  An in-house produced specialty vertical product of one store, such as Organic Foods Markets addictive raw, sprouted, organic cashew based ice cream, can be sold in each of that local markets’ stores as fresher and better than any competing long distance deserts. Vertical operational components of another store (organic medically valued mushrooms come to mind) produced by another store are available in all of the other single markets stores. “Local” is inherently fresher and better.  Just tasting “locally made” will have word of mouth making an advertising budget redundant.  


The COSTCO Connection:

Costco carries some organic foods. The quality of the brands they allow on their shelves appears to be quite good.  In our test mailing, one of the response issues we got was, “I would definitely buy at such a local organic store if I could get the same product at the same price that I pay for it in the long distance big stores”.  And that is exactly what Costco has made possible for us via its $10,000 volume sales division. Our stores, effectively, become local divisions of Costco where a Costco operation would not be otherwise feasible.  If our niche market calls for this connection, we can also feature Costco brands at Costco prices.

    Our business plan has many, many creative ideas for turning Organic Foods Markets into a unique food chain; ideas that will build a repeat shopping loyalty among an expanding market of purist-empowered shoppers.  I will not take the readers' time with this review here, it is extensive.  Alternately, for a peek at what we have done in getting a 22 foot  sailboat ranked number one, in an internet top 100 ratings of all size sailboats (a Beneteau 39 came in second), you might enjoy reviewing the focused creativity that has gone into the excitement for Rhodes sailboats:

       www.usedrhodes.com          www.generalboats.com

We opened this Business Plan with the win, win thinking of hitching Organic Foods Markets star to the national community of Farmers Markets.  

We end, thinking the Farmers Market partnering is even a greater business plan element than we saw it as at the start of compiling all of the above.  

But the very best face we can put on this business plan is its Moral side.  Our Health System, broken by a chronic tug of war, continually drains our treasury, unnecessarily.  Funding Organic Foods Markets sparks dramatic drops in health care costs with a single, non-debatable idea:   Prevention.

stan spitzer  organic foods markets/114 midway drive/edenton nc 27932                                 stan@rhodes22.com.